Cameroon Metallization & Anti-Corrosion coating Spécialist

Who are we?

ETMC founded in 1989 by Camille Lissom Matip, mechanical engineer.

In order to reduce Cameroon energy carrier's supply chain latency of transmission tower Camille and Marie-Thère Lissom Matip founded the first engineering and production of high and ultra high voltage electrical pylons company in Cameroon.

Supported by AFD, ETMC got specialised in manufacturing and assembling of metal frame for transmission tower, catwalks, industrial equipment, construction huts, modular elements for exhibitions

Our Offer

Metallization and anti-corrosion coating


Zinc-Aluminium metallization process:

Best long term anti-corrosion process as ROI

Metal frame / Pole line manufacturing

Stream of abrasive material - sand - against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface

  • Semi-horizontal configuration

  • Cross Arm

  • sheet metal fitting...

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